Principal Sings School is Closed

Principal Sings School is Closed.

Today, principal from Moses Brown School in Providence decided to announce their school is closed by making a parody video of Disney’s “Let it Go” from their 2013 Frozen.

While this may not be a random act of kindness, it sure put a lot of smiles on faces today. Not only did the children likely get a kick out of it, but it’s already reaching a national audience.

This snow storm was not unexpected, so the school has actually been shooting it for over a week. Finishing the video on Friday, says As Olen, Moses Brown’s director of communications and community engagement.

“We’ve been shooting for probably a week, week and a half,” Olenn says. Ryan Vemmer, the school’s editor for digital media, shot and edited as they went. “We shot the last scenes on Friday morning.”

Luckily the principal of Moses Brown actually sings quite well. Check it out if you need a chuckle today 🙂

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