Niko the Gunshot Victim


Niko the Gunshot Victim
Niko is a yellow lab that now gets to live out his days with his family and only a little bit worse for the wear. Niko and his family were relaxing one evening in their Detroit home when an intruder tried to enter the house. Niko and his owner were both shot, but Niko’s wounds were very extensive. So extensive, in fact, that his surgery was estimated to cost upwards of $7,000. This is a huge sum of money for anyone at all. Niko was rushed to the vet and the owner did not have the money, but loved her dog dearly. A vet tech reached out to a friend (our CEO & Founder), who was known to fundraise for many causes, and they set out to help save Niko. They had hoped they would raise a bit of the money needed, but what they got was worth so much more than money. Within 24 hours more than $20,000 was raised for Niko.

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Donations poured in from all over the country, and from all over the world. The generosity of these complete strangers changed the outlook for many people that day and will never be forgotten.

Excerpt from the original post “Every dog owner’s worst fear happened last night. A loving dog owner’s home was broken into. The owner and dog were both shot in the face with a shotgun. Both need a tremendous amount of reconstructive surgery. The cost will be enormous. Close to $7,000 for just Niko. Can you please help save this dog? The owner has elected to do anything to save her precious pet and has decided to use her own funeral money to save this dog. Donate anything you can. All will be greatly appreciated.”

Niko and his family are doing well and enjoying life. Instead of this being an even worse tragedy, it turned into an inspiring story of compassion, humanity, and kindness.