Last Day Dog Rescue

Last Day Dog Rescue (LDDR) is a phenomenal organization. The volunteers literally give their lives to save these animals and they do a fantastic job. Since it’s inception more than 4,564 dogs have been adopted and countless more have been saved. At any given moment the rescue can have upwards of 200+ dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. LDDR is ALL volunteer based and the majority of the dogs live in foster homes before they go to adoption. There are dedicated teams that handle each aspect of the rescue, from transport to marketing, to micro-chipping and vetting. These people give up hours and hours per week to save lives. They deserve a big kudos! Did I mention that they truly live up to their name? They rescue the dogs that no one else wants. The dogs that do not have much time left. LDDR is really their last hope. Taking these hard-to-place dogs means they have astronomical vet bills and would always welcome a donation. Feel free to donate by clicking here.Last Day Dog Rescue

Their Mission:
To rescue dogs from high-kill shelters (across Michigan and Ohio) where they euthanize by gas or sell their dogs to research labs to be used for painful testing and experiments. Our rescued dogs are then placed into foster homes where they can interact with humans and other animals in an effort to make them adoptable. We hold a special place in our hearts for the big, black dogs, the not so pretty dogs, and senior dogs because they are often passed up in shelters everywhere for puppies, small breeds and the lighter colored “prettier” dogs.

A Little Bit About LDDR:
Last Day Dog Rescue is an ALL volunteer based organization. We do not have a physical location, all of our dogs are placed in the care of foster homes until they are adopted.

Our Group focuses on rescuing dogs from the “Urgent” list in Shelters and pounds across lower Michigan and Parts of Ohio with an emphasis on those shelters who euthanize by gas or those shelters who sell the dogs in their care to research labs where they are used for barbaric and most times painful testing and experiments. We hold a special place in our hearts for the big and black dogs, even ‘ugly’ dogs (who we don’t find ugly at all!) and the special senior dogs. These dogs most often get overlooked and passed up in shelters and pounds everywhere for puppies, small breeds, and the ‘prettier’, lighter colored dogs.

Dogs found in shelters are there for many reasons; some are owner surrenders, strays, cruelty or abuse cases and some dogs are found abandoned, left to fend for themselves in vacant homes, fields, ditches and some are even being tied out in the woods and left to starve. Last Day Dog Rescue does not discriminate and feels that each of these dogs, no matter their size, age, color or the reason they are there, deserve a second chance at life…we help all those we can.

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