Homeless Terminal Cancer Patient Receives Unexpected Surprise

All hope seemed to be lost for Ricky, a homeless man in Kentucky and his dog, Buddy. Ricky had been living in his truck with Buddy, and then one February night he ended up in the hospital, where he was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Despite the objections of doctors, Ricky discharged himself from the hospital to be with 4 legged pal. It was then that he ran into someone who would surprise him in an amazing way.

Online series “Prank It Fwd” specializes in prank videos and in turn, the money made from the videos Is donated to charity. It just so happens that the host of that show, Tom Mabe, was filming a prank on Beth Green, founder of My Dog Eats First, a rescue organization that helps homeless people care for their pets, when he ran into Ricky and Buddy. When Ricky discharged himself from the hospital, Green and her organization set Ricky up in a pet-friendly hotel. Mabe was reportedly so moved by Ricky’s loyalty to Buddy, that he started a GoFundMe page in an effort to get Ricky an apartment. And boy, did it pay off!

Between donations raised and the host’s own money, Ricky was gifted with a fully furnished apartment and 6 months pre-paid rent, where he can live out his remaining time in comfort. Initially, Ricky did not realize the apartment was his when taken there. He was under the impression that they were visiting Mabe’s residence, when it was revealed that HE would be inhabiting the apartment.

But the giving doesn’t stop there. In addition to Ricky’s apartment, Mabe has stated that any donations that come from the GoFundMe page will be met by him and will go towards Ricky and Buddy’s living expenses and will also help out Green’s charity. In addition, Mabe also gave away a year’s supply of dog food to Green and My Dog Eats First.

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