Homeless Man Duped By Scam

Homeless Man Duped By Scam

fundraiser to help scammed homeless veteran

Tim Rexin, a homeless man living at the Deloris Center in Ann Arbor, has been desperately trying to save enough money to move into his own apartment. He had raised $500 and only needed a bit more so he could start his new journey. He decided to take some online surveys to make the extra cash, but happened upon a scam instead. Instead of raising the extra money he needed, he was scammed out of all of the money in his savings and also owes the bank over $1,000.

Local Michigan residents decided to DO SOMETHING and started an online fundraiser. Within two hours, nearly $2,000 was raised to help Tim pay off this debt and the remainder will be used to help get his own apartment and start living on his own.

If you would like to donate to Tim’s fundraiser, click here.

To read the fully story, click here.

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