Home Depot Employees Help Co-Worker’s Ailing Dog

Co-workers at a Minnesota Home Depot surprised their fellow employee with a handicapped ramp at his house. This ramp was not for the man, Bryan Coleman, but instead for his 8 year old German Shepherd. The 100 lb Shepherd, whose name is Diamond, is suffering from hip dysplasia, which causes her to have hardly any function in her back legs.

After buying his beloved pet a $500 wheelchair, Diamond started moving around again. However, Coleman’s home was not wheelchair accessible, creating issues. When Coleman’s coworkers learned of Coleman and Diamond’s situation, they were able to raise the $130 to cover the materials needed for a doggie wheelchair ramp at Coleman’s home.

One of Coleman’s co-workers, Paul Kajer, recalls trying to explain to Coleman how to both frame and build the ramp. “I could tell it was over his head, so I said I have all the tools. I’ll throw them in the truck and meet you on Sunday before work,” Kajer explains.

Kajer himself is no stranger to the kindness of his co-workers. In fact, his assisting with the doggy wheelchair ramp was inspired by his fellow employees helping him out when he was in a time of need. His son was undergoing a kidney transplant at the Mayo Clinic and his co-workers stepped up to give him the support he needed.

At the time of this article, Coleman has been able to completely cover the cost of Diamond’s wheelchair, thanks to several contributions.

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