Happy Thoughts 1

Do you ever have a really hard few days and need to put your life back into perspective? That’s how I’ve felt lately. Filing for a 501c3 status is hard work, challenging, and really quite exhausting — especially when you aren’t completely sure what you’re doing. Sometimes you just need to remember the reasons and remain positive.

Why are we making Volunthropic into a nonprofit? That’s a complex question. I have been fundraising for people in need for a while now. Since 2012 actually. And while many people know that they can trust me – donating money to a random stranger can make people question motives and end-goals. Making Volunthropic a 501c3 will not only allow people to write-off their donations, but it will also allow them to trust our mission. It will also allow us to expand and grow as we are able. The end goal for me and for Volunthropic is always the same – inspiring lives, changing outcomes, and being a support system for those in need.

I am actually very excited to see all the good we will be able to accomplish. I can’t wait for this journey to “officially” begin!

Back to the reason we are here… Happy Thought of the Day. My Happy Thought is having the ability to make a difference, remembering that we all have the power to help someone, change their life, and ultimately change the world – one person at a time.

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