Doug & Rude Boy

Doug & Rude Boy are homeless, but the best of friends. Rude Boy is Doug’s dog. Doug rescued Rude Boy from an abusive situation and they have since become inseparable. Doug has been living on the streets since he was 15. Throughout that time he has seen great hardship and not a ton of compassion, but that all changed when a friend alerted our CEO & Founder to his situation.

Homeless man and dog

Some local people had seen Doug and Rude Boy standing outside on the corner in Royal Oak asking for money and food. Michigan winters are very, very cold and it’s difficult for human, let alone a dog, to survive them. Local people wanted to remove Rude Boy from Doug’s care – hoping to give him warmth for the winter. Our CEO & Founder wanted to try and raise funds first – knowing how hard the separation would’ve been on both Doug and Rude.

After chatting with Doug, our CEO made a list of things they needed and did an analysis of how much money they would need to make it happen. $1,500 was the goal, but we raised $1,750! Doug wanted to get back home to New Orleans, he wanted food, and they had to be put up in a hotel for their safety. We raised enough money to put Doug and Rude in a pet-friendly hotel for three weeks, get him medicine for his mouth, and for gas money and a hotel to/from New Orleans. Thank you to our wonderful volunteer drivers Elizabeth and Marrie!

It took quite a village to make this happen! And it worked out beautifully! Doug and Rude Boy are back in New Orleans and ready to start the next chapter in their lives! Great work, team!

We send a big THANK YOU to all of the following people. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Ann Swack, Tomika D. Pratt, Christina Hofer, Julie Ann, Lauri Robinson, Aileen Jaessing, Elizabeth Partenski, & Marrie Williams.

Next, we want to thank all of you that encouraged us to keep going, pushing through the negativity, and keeping sight of the goal.

Patricia Trevino, John Merrill, Julia Kudla, Suzanne Calvano, Tracie Edwards, Amos Legault, Cindi Gardiner, Lauren Patterson, Julie Kukielka, Kimberley Heughins, Alex Ramos, Tanya Barnett, John Mylroie, Caitlin Campbell, Kathleen Barry Wilcox, Penny Bradley, Vicki Myers, Ann Haas, Susan Hammer, Patti Burke Miller, Susan Shay, Ty Beh, Cheryl Maday, Amy Drury, Stacie Alson, Stephanie Lynn Schneider, Rhein Krigner, & Vickie Krigner

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