Common Ground

Crisis To Hope Building Communities of Support

Common Ground is a one in a million organization. They help build support within the community and help those that have no support system. Their goal is to ultimately help people move from Crisis to Hope.

Crisis & Resource Line: 1.800.231.1127
Text Crisis & Resource: 741741
For Chat & Other Features:

Common Ground’s Mission:
Common Ground provides a lifeline for individuals and families in crisis, victims of crime, persons with mental illness, people trying to cope with critical situations and runaway and homeless youths. Helping people in need for more than 40 years, Common Ground serves more than 60,000 individuals per year. The majority of services are free of charge and 93 percent of every dollar received goes to direct service.

They also just started a brand new suicide prevention website! There is facts about prevention, intervention, and post-vention.

Common Ground Suicide Prevention

Their History:

Common Ground is the product of a 1998 merger of two agencies, Common Ground and The Sanctuary, Inc., that had served Oakland County since the early 1970s. The merger allowed those in the community experiencing a crisis a single source of help. The unified approach to meeting community needs enabled both organizations to expand their services significantly. Common Ground was founded in 1971 by a group of students, parents and community leaders who were concerned about an increase in substance abuse and suicide among young people. United Community Services volunteers began The Sanctuary, Inc. in response to the growing number of runaway youth in Oakland County. The residential counseling program for runaway and homeless youth, ages 10-17, opened in 1974. The program offered youth two weeks in which to resolve the conflicts that led them to leave home.
Today, Common Ground is a 24-hour crisis services agency dedicated to helping youths, adults and families in crisis. Through its crisis line and in person, Common Ground provides professional and compassionate service to more than 50,000 people a year.   Core Purpose Helping people move from crisis to hope.   Core Values We Live By -Integrity -Respect -Compassion -Excellence -Collaboration -Helpful -Wellness   Envisioned Future Our efforts will result in positive changes in people’s lives and their communities whereby people will feel safe asking for help.  As a result, Common Ground will continue to grow in response to the increased demand for our services.  We will be a nationally recognized crisis services organization, respected for its quality, reliability, and collaborative spirit.  Our reputation will attract and retain highly qualified staff, volunteers and board members.  We will develop innovative strategies to achieve our vision.

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