Car surprise

A $100,000 Surprise

A $100,000 Surprise St Clair Shores resident, Joe Zago, gave his sister a $100,000 surprise. Joe’s sister, Rebecca Hutchinson, had always taken care of Joe when he was going through a rough patch. A few years ago, Rebecca went through a difficult divorce which left her struggling to stay on solid ground. Joe, who started[…]

fundraiser to help scammed homeless veteran

Homeless Man Duped By Scam

Homeless Man Duped By Scam Tim Rexin, a homeless man living at the Deloris Center in Ann Arbor, has been desperately trying to save enough money to move into his own apartment. He had raised $500 and only needed a bit more so he could start his new journey. He decided to take some online[…]

Dog rescued from ice reunites with owner

Dog rescued from ice reunites with owner Jodi Benchich had every loving pet owner’s worst nightmare happen. She went to check on her dog, KC, to find that his leash was broken and he was loose. She dropped everything and started searching for her beloved companion. Ten days came and went with no sign of[…]