Moses Brown Principal sings school is closed

Principal Sings School is Closed

Principal Sings School is Closed. Today, principal from Moses Brown School in Providence decided to announce their school is closed by making a parody video of Disney’s “Let it Go” from their 2013 Frozen. While this may not be a random act of kindness, it sure put a lot of smiles on faces today. Not[…]

strangers rescues family from burning building, random act of kindness

Man Saves Family From House Fire

Man Saves Family From House Fire William Pranke and his 12-year-old daughter were driving through a neighborhood in Phoenix on Sunday afternoon when they spotted a home that was on fire. Pranke went in to rescue the family and their dogs. CBS 5 – KPHO

random acts of kindess feed your soul

Heartwarming Thai Commercial

Heartwarming Thai Commercial Yes, this video is a commercial, but it is SO great! I absolutely love the message behind it and think it needs to be seen and shared. If you don’t feel something after watching, then maybe go out and try to be more like the man featured in this video.

dog rescue story

Rescuing Puppy from 350′ Deep Canyon

Rescuing Puppy from 350′ Deep Canyon Hero doesn’t even begin to describe Zak Anderegg. He risked his life to save a puppy, whom he later named Riley, that was trapped in a 350’ canyon. Zak scaled down the canyon to save Riley. When Zak got to Riley, he realized the pup was in terrible condition,[…]