Bob the Navy Veteran

Bob the Navy Veteran


Stopped Veteran from becoming homeless church group Bob is a Vietnam Navy Veteran that had been standing outside in the cold to make money to feed his family and pay for his father’s medical care. He had not received any VA benefits at this time, so was having a difficult time getting by. One day, a stranger (our CEO & Founder) to Bob stopped to talk to him and ask him what he needed. She started a food drive and online fundraiser to help this family survive.

Here is an excerpt from Amanda’s Facebook post: “Bob is a Vietnam Navy Veteran and has fallen on hard times. You may have seen him. He stands on a busy street corner in Famington Hills, Michigan, in hopes of collecting money to buy food for his family. Bob lives with and takes care of his 97-year-old father (who is also a Veteran). His father begged him when he was younger to never put him into a retirement home, that he didn’t want to live like that. Bob said he would rather stand on the street and beg for food than do that. So that’s exactly what he is doing. I spoke with Bob a few days ago, told him about Volunthropic, and asked him what we could do to help. He explained to me that he is in no way a bum or looking for a hand out. He is just going through a rough patch and the VA doesn’t have any money to give him right now. All he wants is a bit of food — specifically canned food and bread. Not a big request. I would really like to stock him up through the Winter, so he doesn’t have to stand outside in the cold.” food drive help veteran bob Since that day, more than $1,000 worth of canned goods and non-perishables were donated to Bob and $900 was raised to pay his back rent and utilities. Local non-profits helped as well – including Common Ground. This family was days away from being homeless, but one small act of kindness changed their life forever. veteran bob navy needy The money that was raised was enough to pay for the back rent, utilities, and to keep this family fed and warm. I have been told that the VA will be stepping in from here to help them.


“UPDATE: Hi everyone! I wanted to give you an update! We have been working with Bob to help him this winter and YOU all did an amazing thing. Bob needed help paying his rent and utilities ( I didn’t know this when I started the fundraiser) and we were able to write a check for all of his back rent and his utilities and, ultimately, help him keep his home. Not only are he and his father not homeless, but they have TONS of food to eat as well. You all had a direct impact on this man and his father’s well-being and their lives. The VA will be stepping in to help them going forward, but I will update this group with a letter Bob wrote to you all as soon as I get it! Just wanted to let you know that you prevented this family from becoming homeless. Thank you all for your generous support”

A letter written by Bob for those that helped him get through this very difficult time in his life: “Dear Amanda and friends, How could I possibly thank you, you have done so much for my dad and I. it is almost impossible to know where to start. To all of you who helped with the food drive or with a financial donation, it came just in time as there was nothing in the house to eat and I was behind in the rent and a couple utilities. The weight of the world was on me and you lifted it from me. Once again thank you as I will always remember the generosity and kindness of all of you. The last of health care for my dad is mostly out of pocket unless I place him in a nursing home. I promised my father a long time ago I would never do that and all of you have helped me keep that promise. He is still at home with me. Thanks to all of you. Once again, from the bottom of my heart (and my dad’s) THANK YOU! Sincerely, Bob”

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