A $100,000 Surprise

A $100,000 Surprise

Brother gives sister a house

St Clair Shores resident, Joe Zago, gave his sister a $100,000 surprise. Joe’s sister, Rebecca Hutchinson, had always taken care of Joe when he was going through a rough patch. A few years ago, Rebecca went through a difficult divorce which left her struggling to stay on solid ground. Joe, who started The Carpet Guys in ___, wanted to show his sister just how much she meant to him and give her a gift. renovated home

He says, “She kind of went downhill and I went uphill over the last three years and this is my way of paying her back… and getting her on solid ground.”

Car surprise

Joe spent nearly $100,000 purchasing and renovating a home for Rebecca. He also purchased a brand new 20134 Chevy Cruze for her, to replace her beaten up Kia.

Joe wanted to show his sister how much she means to him and to thank her for always having his back.

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