8-year-old boy pays for overdue lunch accounts

8-year-old boy pays for overdue lunch accounts

local michigan hero changes lives and keeps kids fed

Cayden Taipalus, an eight-year-old boy from Howell, Michigan, realized there was a problem when his friend’s hot lunch was taken away and replaced with a cheese sandwich. In many schools, lunch balances have caused schools to stop serving hot meals to the children when the balance becomes $5 or more overdue.

Being a true inspiration, Cayden decided to help these kids get their hot meals. He went home and told his Mom that he wanted to help.

“He wanted to know how he could help,” Cayden’s mother Amber Melke-Peters told TODAY.com.

Amber and Cayden started returning bottles and asking friends to donate a few dollars to their cause.

8 year old raises money to give kids hot lunches, healthy kids

Cayden and Amber raised $64 to pay off overdue bills

Within just a few short weeks, news of what he had done grew and people from all over the world started donating to make sure these children can have hot meals. More than $10,000 has been raised in their fundrazr. Cayden and Amber have since gone to three other schools and paid overdue bills. They plan on continuing to attend schools and pay for these children’s meals. Then the left over money will be put into those children’s accounts, to ensure they will never have to go without a hot meal.

Cayden is proof that one act of kindness can change a nation, or even the world. He may not have changed these kids’ lives forever, but the people he touched with his kindness, will, hopefully, pay it forward. Maybe he will create an epidemic of change. He choose to advocate for healthy kids, what will your cause be?


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