600 Random Acts of Kindness – By an 8-Year-Old!

While most 8 year olds are out playing with their friends, Washington’s Alex McKelvey is dedicating her time to others. Alex’s grandmother, Linda, passed away two years ago at the age of 59. In honor of her grandmother’s giving nature, 8 year old Alex is committed to doing 600 random acts of kindness for complete strangers. According to Alex’s mom, Sarah, Alex’s grandmother was the embodiment of “that expression ‘to give the coat off your back’. Linda would literally have given you the coat off her back, that’s how incredible of a person she was.”

Incredible, indeed. And in that spirit, Alex made a list of good deeds she would like to do for complete strangers, and have completed by what would have been Linda’s 60th birthday. Alex and her family have volunteered at Tacoma Rescue Mission, painted a new youth room at the Lakewood YMCA, paid for peoples meals in restaurants, left tips upwards of $100 for servers ,and handed goodie bags out to Seahawks fans. Also on the list are things like purchasing books for children as well as picking up trash and throwing it away.

To illustrate the effect one random act of kindness can have on a person, take the story of Joanne Goins, one of the people who received a paid breakfast at IHOP, due to the McKelveys. Goins’ sister is currently in the hospital with cancer, but “this makes a wonderful day for me, even though it’s been hard”.

After completing all 600 random acts of kindness, Sarah Mckelvey stated “In the end, I think it’s just important for us to know we’re thought of and cared for.”

All of these acts are documented on Instagram, with the hashtag #ForLinda.

Here are a few of Volunthropic’s favorites! Such a great idea!


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